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Own your future by owning your data
 Women were told that humankind is on the path to equality.
Yet today we live in the most divided society in history.
We believe in a transparent future.
 Our mission is to empower womenby providing them with the data todiscover themselves.
Four areas we want to impact globally with our technology:

Give analyzed data simply and transparently
Data is the most powerful asset humans have in this century. More powerful than land, machines, and factories. Although it is believed we know everything about ourselves, the truth is different, we barely know the details.

Give women equal care
Women are the primary caretakers in every country in the world. Even though women outnumber men by 66 million in the world population, they are still disregarded as care receivers. At the current rate of change, it will take more than 300 years for women to reach equality. We decided not to wait for 10 generations. We design everything to give women a priority.

In sync with your cycle
There’s one thing that the majority of women have in common — a menstrual cycle — although, still often viewed as relating to just having a period, rather than a 28 day cycle that influences all areas of a woman’s life. By understanding the hormonal impact behind each phase of the cycle, women can sync their current needs to their goals, increase their well-being, productivity, and overall satisfaction. We analyze data and adjust all content, which helps women understand themselves better, sync their cycle, reach their goals, and increase the quality of their life.

Create a sustainable future
We believe in a future where technology is invisible and perfectly connected with nature. That’s why all of our designs are made using natural materials and invisible technology. We avoid complicating your lives with irrelevant notifications and screens. Less screen more love.