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The Challenge

The Sexual Wellness industry is struggling to market its products on Google and Social Media because of the naughty word police, algorithms, and yes, discrimination on most social platforms.

This makes it hard to sell for quality brands.

The Solution

Joyful Reviews is primarily built for providing an abundance of engaged customers online:
  • Brands give opportunities for their fellow shoppers to share authentic blog, video, and podcast reviews in the Shop.
  • Visitors purchase your product by clicking through reviews.
  • Review Creators receive pre-determined commissions after each sale.
The common interest empowers brands to create lasting value by focusing on one thing: to maximize mutual benefit based on an overall balance of advantages.

We have all you need to start as soon as today.
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  • List Opportunities
  • Meet Fellow Shoppers behind Reviews
  • List Product Review Opportunities
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Based on your goals, we create a personalized business journey that generates you online income focusing on the skills you need most.
Start a Business
Annual billing
Single plan Bulk plan Custom plan
$ 29 /campaign /month
Give 5 review opportunities to your customers
List 5 campaigns at a discount.
Interactive Review widgets
Review Widget on your e-commerce product page completes your product page with authentic review content that engage your visitors to buy.
Get Free landing pages
We securely host and Manage all your Content accessible from our Amazon Cloud Server from multiple devices.
Briefing templates
The briefing provides a channel for delivering clear messages and encouraging open communication with your Creators. When creating Review content, Creators first read the brief, where brands articulate best practices. We provide an editable briefing template to create a professional brief with ease.
Coupon Management
For Creators, every product must be available at a 50-100% discount for an exchange of a Review. We provide a dashboard to manage all creator discounts and to manage your coupons.
Commission Management
When someone purchases any of your Products via Reviews or Shared links, you pay out pre-determined commissions for Creators and Influencers based on performances. We provide a dynamic payout management system via your dashboard.
Access to all Community Members
Creators, Influencers, and Brands can connect by mutually following and messaging each other.
SEO Assistant
While you are building your Profile or Campaign content, your words and Multimedia elements will be optimized by our SEO Assistant, ranking the content high on Google.
Grow with One-on-One Lessons
  • learn about Performance Marketing Strategy
  • learn about Sales and Communication Funnels
  • learn about briefing techniques
  • learn how to craft engaging Campaigns
  • learn about SEO
  • learn how to engage Customers
  • learn how to build effective Sales & Communication Funnel
  • and a lot more …
Stay tuned on Private Dashboard
Our Brand partners manage all campaign payouts, studies, commissions, statistics, followers, and messages on a private dashboard.
Receive Real-time Data & Analytics
Data is king in Digital Growth. Knowing exactly how your Activity performs, you can accurately plan and do specific actions to improve your followers' engagement rate.
You can access data and statistics in real-time.


How can I generate income by Publishing Campaigns?
  1. Learn from top experts how to create engaging Campaigns.
  2. Fill out your Profile page.
  3. Create your Brief (list of your requirements).
  4. Create your Campaign page.
  5. Set your commissions.
  6. Submit your campaign for approval (technical due dilligence).
  7. Within 48 hours after submission, we publish your Campaign.
  8. Share your Campaign with friends and followers.
  9. Follow your sales and payout status on your dashboard from your mobile.
Technical requirements
Selling physical products:
  1. Have Shipping Methods ready on your end
  2. List Campaigns with your Shipping Method information
  3. Manage your Incoming Orders on our Dashboard (update shipping states, supply courier tracking code, upload invoices)
  4. Provide Customer Support to your Customers
Selling digital products / services:
  1. You must already be selling the product/service online on your own website
  2. Generate unique 100% discount coupons that can be redeem on your site by paid customers
  3. Upload the generated coupons for each product/service on your dashboard
  4. Provide Customer Support to your Customers
How do I generate relevant traffic?
Consider your Profile Page, Campaigns, Reviews, and Review Widgets as search engine optimized landing pages, completing your sales & communication funnel that results in relevant traffic to your e-commerce Product Pages.
How many Campaigns can I publish?
You can add unlimited number of products or services to your campaigns. Each campaigns can be managed individually via mobile. Our marketing team makes it sure that your content generates a lots of traffic to your Brand keywords by ranking your campaign pages extremely high in Google.
How do I generate sales?
Our creators are sharing personal opinion about your products and services in Blog Reviews, Video Reviews and Podcast Reviews. Those reviews are search engine optimized, thus they are gaining huge search traffic. Visitors will be drawn to authentic reviews created for your products.
How do Reviews increase my sales?
Interactive product widgets are automatically placed on your product pages that pops up on your e-commerce product page allowing visitors to click through to all reviews about your product. Learn more about widgets here.
How can I generate income by referrals?
Besides your sales option, you can also receive 10 USD commissions after each new creators registered via your referral link. After publishing your campaigns, share your referral links to your database and let your followers to convert to engaged customers.
How do I pay out commissions?
We track and administrate all creators’ performances. Our Brands are paying commission to creators directly based on performance. You can follow your payout statistics on your private dashboard or check your payout status e-mails.
What if I'm a beginner?
Our mission is to support SexTech Brands by sharing the practical knowledge and skills of top experts. You can acquire all digital knowledge and skills directly from your mobile. After registering as a community member, you will also access a customized curriculum on your dashboard that drives you through all the knowledge and content to become a successful digital entrepreneur as soon as today.
Is the entire Academy content included in the subscription?
Yes it is. You can pick our top experts' brains and learn from them all skills and practices you need to become a successful digital Brand.