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Obsessive is a producer of sexy lingerie for women. You may not know, but you can buy Obsessive in exotic places, like Mauritius. This is just the begining, we've got the plan to open first intergalactic boutique on Mars!

Obsessive is born
Agnieszka and Tomek Szpila - they created Obsessive in 2006. Known on all continents (well, almost all, because we were banned from trading in the Arctic for fear of advancing glaciers) the brand of women's sexy lingerie. Their story became the inspiration and an idea for the Obsessive brand, products and spirit.

From the very beginning, Obsessive is a brand for couples, created by couples with couples in mind.

Pleasure Command Center
You can find us all around the world, but our command center is pleased to be in Poland, more precisely, a charming headquarters with mountains view. Also from here, the obsessive package sets off on its way, to the furthest corners of the world. Here, our fancy lingerie designs are created, which usually begin its lifetime from the idea and a paper card.

Where do we get inspiration from?
With experience, with the participation of others, from fashion. We transfer our own designs to the card, we select materials, and finally preparing the perfect lingerie. We design with a pleasure and for a pleasure, taking care of every detail because the magicis hidden inside them.

While creating new lingerie our main goal isour clients comfort. Lingerie has to be kind ofa second skin, in which we can feel beautifuland comfortable.

Quality first
In our headquarters, we subject every product to double quality control. The first time preparing for packaging, the second during packaging. Kasia, Ania, Renata... they ensure that the lingerie is perfectly packed and thoroughly checked.