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Your pleasure is our passion

ZaZaZu has been founded to be the game changer to normalize sexual wellness and to empower women to own their sexual pleasure and intimacy moments with confidence.

This is our story – based on personal experiences and through interaction with other women.

We integrate playfulness, femininity, fun and independence into our platform to create a world where shame does not exist; sex is healthy, pleasure is positive and education gaps are sealed. We want the future generation to see sexual wellness as a part of daily life.

Our story is that every woman is as unique as a fingerprint and ZaZaZu will be the compass to guide her towards sexual fulfilment, enhance her confidence, and build connections between sexual pleasure and overall health wellbeing.

ZaZaZu and our panel of expert advisors bring together hardware, software, knowledge, content, and community to build the foundation of an era of smart sexual health, and become your guide throughout the entire intimacy journey.

Not only is it time to close the orgasm gap; any gap we are able to close in the bedroom will manifest into other life aspects too.

Women with the confidence to convey their sexual needs will be empowered to ask for that salary increase or board seat and excel in any male-dominated industries.

Your story is our story too, it begins here with us!