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Lelo Soraya wave 2 massager review

Szerző: Elisabet Barnes
07 / 07 / 2021
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Soraya Wave
Soraya Wave
Soraya Wave image
Soraya Wave image
Soraya Wave image
Soraya Wave image
Soraya Wave image

SORAYA WAVETM is the world’s most luxurious rabbit massager offering a full-body orgasmic experience.

Feel the power of sexual wellness featuring ultra-powerful vibrations for clitoral stimulation, a pulsating tip for deeply satisfying G-spot sensations and patented WaveMotionTM technology that rises and falls within you like the caress of a lover's fingers, SORAYA WAVETM is a triple threat that leaves a tidal-wave climax crashing over you again, and again, and again.

This indulgent WaveMotionTM massager offers clitoral stimulation while reaching the G-spot with ease for your most consistently gratifying climax yet. WaveMotionTM technology surges in a ‘come-hither’ motion for the feeling of ultimate sexual wellness.
Sculpted tip with powerful pulsations for enhanced G-spot sensations. Ultra-powerful & flexible body offers clitoral stimulation for all body types.

lelo soraya wave


The Soraya Wave was adapted from the Soraya 2 model, a spokesman from LELO told Mashable. "The thinking behind reengineering the product with our WaveMotion technology was to appeal to a wider audience of users by offering a similar product that provided a different sensation," they said. "The main USP [unique selling point] of Soraya Wave is that it provides enhanced G-spot stimulation by simulating the come-hither motion of a lover's finger tips (in contrast to G-spot stimulation via vibration alone)."

lelo soraya wave


Like the 2, the Lelo Soraya Wave has three buttons: the on/off button and +/- intensity controls. The former doubles as the mode selection button. Press and hold to turn the toy on and off, but just press to cycle through the different modes. While the 2 has 12 vibration modes to choose from, the Wave has eight. What's more is that while the "come hither" motion is the main difference between the two, I did notice minor differences. Both the major and minor differences led me to prefer the Soraya Wave over the Soraya 2.

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The easier cleanup, however, is a secondary concern. The real game changer between the 2 and the Wave is, indeed, the WaveMotion technology, and that's why the reengineered toy is superior for me. While the penetrating base of the 2 does vibrate when the toy is on, I had much more substantial g-spot stimulation with the Wave. Combine that with the vibrating tip for the clit and...well, chef's kiss. Here's how the 2 and the Lelo Soraya Wave look side-by-side when you turn them on (without changing modes):

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I preferred the Lelo Soraya Wave on either the first or second modes (the first mode being how the toy operates as soon as you turn it on). While the Wave has eight different patterns, the user guide — while online, which is a plus — doesn't go into detail as to what they are or what order they're in. I had the same problem with the Soraya 2, which also has a user guidethat's available online.

Amit a legjobban szeretek benne.

It's easier to tell what exactly the Lelo Soraya wave is doing when you're holding it as opposed to when it's inside you. So I suggest a user tests out the settings before a session to see what they may be interested in. The eight modes provide a range of vibrations from both the base and the tip. One setting, for instance, stops the base entirely and the only motion comes from the vibrating tip.

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